Music and dance. They are intrinsically linked together, each one enhancing the other to bring unbridled joy to the world. A wonderfully skilled DJ with expert dance skills is the perfect marriage.

Karen Szwed is such a performer. She is a ballroom dance champion, who especially loves cha-cha and rumba. Her love for dance comes across the footlights and into the crowd pulsating before her. She loves to watch others dance almost as much as she enjoys it herself.

This talented, gorgeous lady is a fifth generation circus performer. She first hit the center ring working in her parent’s trained dog act when she was only four years old! By the time she was seven she was suspended high above her entranced audience’s wide eyes, performing aerial gymnastics on a hoop. Today, she astounds crowds as she expertly balances deadly swords on her chin and forehead.

At age thirteen she moved from Mexico to Las Vegas. She studied psychology, wanting to help special needs children through dance therapy, and is now completing college. She maintains her beautiful figure through bikram yoga and enjoys painting with acrylics, but her true artistic outlet is as a DJ, bringing music to electrified crowds everywhere. Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up and enter the world of the exotic! Be moved and thrilled by the exciting DJ Karen!