AKA “Jenny” is a captivating performer all the way from China! When she was a young girl in her home country, she trained with diabolos, spinning meteors, acrobatics, and more at the Hebei Acrobat School in hopes to become a fantastic performer. She could not wait to take her talent to the USA and showcase her skills. In 2003 she got her chance and began to dazzle and amaze audiences in circus shows across all of the US with her troup of Chinese acrobats! Since then, she made the brave decision to leave her troup and take on the stage as a solo artist. With her experience traveling across the country on circuses, she knows how to please any audience that comes her way. She now exhibits an electric LED diabolo act, mesmerizing meteor act, and even glides on roller skates! You won’t want to miss the sweet and sexy Jenny in action!